All You Need to Know About Working From Home is Here! – Part 6 of 8 – Payed Services to Promote

Hello. This is Part 6 of 8 of “All You Need to Know About Working From Home is Here!”. The objective is help you as much as possible in every aspect related to it. This sixth article will show you some of the best paid services to promote a product.

Normally paid services allow your product to be seen by more people and faster. Here are some of the best services to promote products:

Classified Ads – “US Free Ads” is the best classified directory that I have found. Their fee is not much high and they can expose your classified to thousands of people. If you are willing to pay a little more, your classified will even show up on Google search engines, at random times of day.

Ad Mob – On this website you can promote products through sell phones. Every time someone goes online on their cell, they see your add. This is a system, P.P.C. (Pay Per Click). It means every time someone clicks on your add, you pay a fee. If you are just starting working from home I do not advise you to use this service until you get more experience. When I started working at home this was the first service I tried. I just wasted money for nothing. Conclusion, if I were just starting, forget Ad Mob for now.

Google AdWords – This is Gold! It´s amazing what you can do with Google AdWords. It will cost you some money, but it is well invested. You create ads that are seen by millions of people all over the world. It´s just amazing! Your adds will show up on the Google engines and websites related to the topic of the ad. If you can, find a mentor to help you. You can learn so much about Google AdWords.

Ad Brite – This service allows you to have adds on websites. It works kinda like Google AdWords, only that your adds will be seen on the website categories you choose.

Hope this could help you somehow. Until next time. Take care.