Smile Brite Teeth Whitening – The Dentist Will Fix You Up With a Shiny Smile!

If you are thinking about having your teeth whitened and you don’t want to go through the hassle of having to try out all sorts of over the counter products that may or may not work… then maybe a visit to the Bright Smile dentist is the best option for you!

These dentists are professional people that will take the time for you personally. You can find these dentists in one of the many BriteSmile Spa’s, which are located all over the United States.

It will cost you a little more than when you were to use convenient, at-home products. But then again, the results are likely to be more impressive. You actually get to choose exactly how white you want your teeth to become!

Almost everybody is a good candidate, except for children younger than 14 and pregnant women. Also, if you are having orthodontic treatment done, it is better if you put off a teeth whitening session until your treatment has finished. Everybody else is likely to get the green signal!

When you visit one of the dentists in their Spa’s, you will find the interior very relaxing, spacious and luxurious. This is done by design in order to make you feel comfortable.

First, the Brite Smile dentist will check your teeth and gums to see if they are healthy enough to continue with the treatment. When the actual teeth whitening treatment begins, a patented gel is applied to your teeth. Then, a patented blue wavelength is set to shine on your teeth. This blue light will cause the gel to become activated.

While you sit in the dentist’s chair for about an hour, the gel will do its work to restore the youthful whiteness to your teeth. The gel works through a safe process of oxidation that will remove the stains from your teeth without destroying your teeth’s natural coating.

In less than one hour, your teeth will be up to 8 scales whiter and the results will last you a very long time.

Every few years, you can come back for an additional treatment if you wish. The treatment is safe enough for repeated sessions.

Let Your Personality Color Your Home Decor

Setting out to decorate a new home or redecorating your current abode without a plan can be like driving around an unfamiliar city without a map-you may end up somewhere, but it’s probably not where you wanted go and you may have no idea how you got there. And you may just end up somewhere pretty ugly. Formulating a plan, however, can be a difficult task. Thumbing through home and furniture magazines often just leads to little more than an increased risk of paper cuts, and watching the countless home decorating “reality” shows, while sometimes entertaining, rarely results in an epiphanous (no, its not a word) moment. Actually, according to, it is a word, so take your red squiggly underline and shove it, Microsoft. Anyways…oh yeah, having a plan. This plan I speak of, doesn’t have to be a 10-page manifesto or even a loose outline, in fact, it doesn’t really have to be put in writing. I say, let your personality be your guide.

As hokey and simple as that may sound, it works. Too many people decorate their homes to please or impress others. Unless you’re a close friend or relative or Martha Stewart, this is just ridiculous (I’ve heard she can be a little harsh). Remember, you live in your home, not them. Let your home be a reflection of yourself by choosing colors, furniture, and accessories that show your personality, as deranged and anti-social as that may be.

Many people with bright, vivacious personalities like bright, vivacious colors. Go figure. But these gregarious individuals often temper this when it comes to decorating their homes. You don’t have to make your home look like Rainbow Brite (for those not in the know, she’s a brightly colored 80’s cartoon character) threw up all over the place to inject your personality. Pick a few colors and stick to them. As with most decorating schemes, bright colors work well when set against light, muted ones, like shades of white or beige. Paint your walls these muted colors and then go crazy adorning them with brightly colored artwork and accessories. Same thing goes for furniture. Back away from the teal couch and the orange upholstered chair. Look for boring colors and then add your personality in the form of pillows and throw blankets. If these tips still don’t allow you to fully express how wild and crazy you are, experiment with your bedroom decor. You’ll offend less people that way.

On the other side of the coin we have the more straight-laced, conservative types. Bright colors give these people headaches, as do the aforementioned people who like bright colors. But what these plodding individuals lack in personality they more than make up for with grace and sophistication, and this should come through in their home decor. Whether your style preference is contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in the middle, you can create a look that personifies you and at the same time is decidedly un-boring. Furniture and lighting isn’t the difference-maker here, it’s the accessories and decorations you should focus on. Artwork and other embellishments such as plants, knick-knacks on shelves, and framed photos can breathe life into rooms with less color. And speaking of color, you can still make a statement without fuchsia walls or a red leather sofa. The trick is to mix in lights and darks to create contrasts wherever you can. Use black and charcoal against whites and light grays or experiment with the many shades of brown, from light tans to deep, dark chocolate brown.