Extreme Brite White Review

Extreme Brite White is the whitening system you may trust, to give you that amazing whiter smile you have longed for. The product is made in the US, and will produce guaranteed, professional looking whitening in the privacy of your own home, in just three simple steps.

If you go to a dentist office for a whitening treatment, it would cost you $800 for a complete treatment. With Extreme Brite White whitening system, you will be using the same active ingredient in the product, which is 22% carbamide peroxide product, that the dentist utilizes in his office teeth whitening treatments. But your cost for the treatment will only be $1 for a trial of the product, plus a shipping fee, to get it to you in the mail, so that you can begin the whitening treatment.

The instructions are included in the package you will receive, and you will need to apply the whitening treatment for 45 minutes daily for 5 days. Simple step instructions are provided, and if followed, will allow you to see very good results. It is a safe process to follow and in fact, it is the same process followed by dentists in their office whitening treatments.

Extreme Brite White is applied with the applicator provided; both sets of teeth are coated with the gel. You will see small changes in about 45 minutes, however, the product’s producer guarantees complete whitening will be seen in 5 days from the start of the procedure.

The product is preferred to other retail brands on the market, because it possesses carbamide peroxide solution, a full 22%, that is also used in dentists’ offices for whitening of teeth. Other brands on the market contain only a diluted strength of the solution, and they are not as effective, take longer to provide results, and in some cases must be worn in trays while you sleep.