How to Get Whiter Teeth – Home Tooth Whitener

Which of us doesn’t want that million-dollar smile? Unfortunately, with smiling, many folks usually shut our lips tightly closed for fear of revealing one’s yellowing pegs. Not only can this rob of you of your smile, and that is very meaningful when one is trying to create a good first impression, but as well it could severely damage any self-esteem. So, one need to take affairs in hand, today. This article is about how to have whiter teeth without too much trouble or money.

First things first

Without wanting to say that which you already know, this part is intended to give a few of the fundamentals which you should do should you want your white teeth to stay nice and white. Clean them at a minimum twice a day, as your momma taught you – and stop rolling your eyes- as this is sound advice. Following the morning clean, floss and use a mouth rinse. One should do this before going to bed, but do it once every day. Ask your dentist for the name of some whitening toothpastes, which are easily bought without costing much more than your regular brands.

Food facts

All of us know which kinds of food damage our teeth, but maybe we could all use the occasional reminder? Well then, stay away from foods that contain sugar and too many additives. And avoid tea and coffee (cut down on the consumption, at any rate)- and more so, cigarettes. You do realize that these are also things that impact your general health, so while your teeth will benefit from avoiding them, so will the rest of your system. But for the people who like citrus fruits are also likely to have their teeth affected, so maybe one can try to avoid too much of that too and supplement your Vitamin C intake with tablets instead.

Strapped to the chair

For very stained teeth, a trip to the dentist and his chair is probably unavoidable, and that is not inexpensive. But at the end of the day no one can clean your teeth as well as a dentist can albeit expensive and time consuming.

Home remedies

Largely due to the cost of getting a professional teeth-cleaning job done, a lot of people rely on home remedies to get whiter teeth. An Indian friend suggested one remedy I have found very effective, plus I can recommend it to anyone. Just take a teaspoonful of mustard oil, add a pinch of salt, and use the mixture to gently clean ones teeth. Do it for a number of days and notice the change!

And also there are other effective and inexpensive ways to get whiter teeth, including teeth whitening strips, and a variety of gels and powders that your dentist may recommend to you. And while you can get these from the corner drugstore, you can just as easily buy them online. Just make sure you pick a good make.