Keep Your Headlights in Perfect Condition With Fast Brite

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for toddlers, kids, teenagers and young adults in the United States. All told, there are about thirty-four thousand fatal accidents on American roads each year. Most of us are aware of the fact that many of these accidents, about one-third, involve alcohol. But how many of us consider our headlight lenses?

According to the AAIA Car Council, about a quarter of all passenger vehicles have an issue with their lighting systems. Limited visibility is a factor in a significant number of auto accidents. The problem is so common that a coalition was formed to address it. The Motor Vehicle Lighting Council (MVLC) regularly dispenses advice and driving tips for the nighttime motorist.

In spite of the fact that there is sixty percent less traffic at night, over forty percent of all fatal crashes occur after dark. Once again, poor visibility often plays a role. A dim, hazy, or clouded headlight can make driving at night downright dangerous. This is especially true during the winter months, when the hours of darkness increase and the weather gets worse.

Who is to blame?

Believe it or not, it often isn’t the driver’s fault. In order to save money, many auto makers now use cheap plastic headlight lenses. The problem with these lenses is that they typically don’t hold up to weather and aging as well as their predecessors. Over time, they may become clouded, even yellowed, which can reduce the light output from the headlamps. And with the age of the average car hovering at around a decade, the phenomenon of dirty headlight lenses is a growing problem.

How to Check Your Lenses

Park on a level surface at night, about five feet in front of a wall, and exit your vehicle. The circles of light shining on the wall should be bright, or at least soft white. If they are dim, yellow, or misaligned, there may be a problem. The most common culprits are dim bulbs or hazy headlight lenses. Dirty lenses are a cinch to spot. If they are cloudy or off-white and you cannot see the bulb through the plastic covering, they need to be cleaned. A dirty headlight lens is a recipe for disaster. It will limit your visibility while driving at night and make it harder for you to see other drivers, and vice versa.

Clean ‘Em Right with Fast Brite!

Most motorists are shocked when they discover just how expensive it is to restore or replace headlight lenses. In order to remove the oxidation and give them that showroom shine, mechanics typically charge well over one hundred dollars. And if they talk you into an unnecessary replacement, you could be looking at a four or five hundred dollar bill. The Fast Brite restoration kit can be purchased for a fraction of those costs.

What is it?

According to Consumer Reports, the average car owner spends about $250 dollars a year on automotive repairs. And while most of these repairs are absolutely necessary, many of them can be completed safely and affordably at home. Headlight lens restoration is one of them.

There are no special tools or techniques you need to know. Simply apply the first solution of lens polish to remove the accumulated oxidation and then wipe on the lens protectant to seal in the results of increased visibility for years to come. Each bottle contains two ounces of professional restoration formula, enough for every automobile in your garage!

As we have seen, driving with oxidized headlight lenses at night is extremely dangerous. Numerous demonstrations have shown that the Fast Brite formula can make dirty lenses up to five times brighter. It isn’t magic or alchemy. The secret is the professional solution that uses a blend of powerful chemicals to remove the outer layer of oxidation and then protects it in the future.

How much can you save?

Most restoration specialists charge upwards of one hundred dollars to clean two dirty headlight lenses. It only takes them a matter minutes, but since they get paid by the hour, they often take their sweet time. They use buffers, sanders and special formulas, most of which are completely unnecessary. The Fast Brite restoration kit is really all you need to return your headlight lenses to their former glory. Hazy, dull, yellow headlights can be restored in as little as thirty seconds. Anyone with a sponge and one free hand can apply the professional solutions and marvel at the results, which are almost instant.

Ensure the safety of every driver in your family with the Fast Brite headlight lens restorer kit.